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***This BUNDLE includes all 3 PACKETS required to complete the ENTIRE Intensive Rehabilitation and Resilience Program***    (Precios en $USD)


The Intensive Rehabilitation and Resilience Program heals:
• Betrayal Trauma

• Controlling Behaviors
• Addictions

• Betrayal and Dishonest Compulsions
• Shame
• Relational Trauma 
• Defiance and Disobedience from children
• Lack of Resilience
• Lack of Vulnerability 
• Codependence

• Toxic Relationships with others or with yourself


There are 2 parts to this Intensive Program:

1. LIVE CLASSES  Each week you participate online in a LIVE class where you learn how to develop new Neuroconnections and how to create LASTING CHANGE and GROWTH. You also have the opportunity to speak directly with Misty, the Director of Helaman Center, explain to her your personal situation and receive individualized help for you each week. There are 58 classes in total in the Intensive Program–however, you can continue participating indefinitely in the LIVE classes, if you desire, even after completing the 58 required classes.


2. THIS PACKET  Everyday you complete exercises, work, and assignments that relate to each step of growth through the Intensive Program. You will also be assigned homework to complete from each weekly class. These exercises and assignments are what do the work of ACTUALLY DEVELOPING those Neuroconnections that never developed, or that were damaged by Addictions or Trauma, as well as HEALING trauma to the brain caused by Betrayal, Addictions, Controlling Behaviors, Shame, and Insecure Attachment.


We learn about how to do it in class, but it doesn't do you much good if you don't do the simple and consistent work that actually creates the Neuroconnections in the brain. These exercises and assignments are CRUCIAL to provoking the growth necessary to create that Lasting Change and Growth--to make it possible for your brain to use Vulnerability in a completely NATURAL way–so you naturally react differently to yourself and others.


You will have access to all these exercises, work, and assignments in this Intensive Rehabilitation and Resilience Program PACKET. This packet also includes notes and guidance from each weekly class, as well as monthly "Personal Therapy Sessions." There is a separate packet for each of the 3 Stages of the Intensive Rehabilitation and Resilience Program, with each Stage containing around 100 different exercises and assignments to complete. 



How can this Intensive Program heal so many things at once?

Why do we betray those we love? Why do we develop Addictions? Why do we yell at our children? Why do we live in Toxic Relationships? All of these things are caused by the same root cause…As humans we are designed to connect. We connect with others and we connect with ourselves.

When Vulnerability (the healthy way to connect) is the natural reaction of our brain, our brain has no need to develop or even use Addictions or Controlling Behaviors, or to betray, hurt or lie to those we love.  It just simply doesn't work as well as Vulnerability so our brain doesn't want to use it. It makes healing NATURAL instead of FORCED. 


Why is this Intensive Program different from others?

Many programs treat the symptoms of these things. (They teach you how to control your anger so you don't fight so much with your partner, or tips to maintain sobriety in your Addiction, or tricks to make your children obey you.) This Intensive Program not only treats the symptoms but also HEALS THE ROOT CAUSE of the problem. It develops the Neuroconnections needed that never developed, or that were damaged by Addictions or Trauma, so we can use Vulnerability in a completely NATURAL way.  That is to say, we don't need to FORCE ourselves, simply by using Self-Control, to react patiently, or to ignore our Addictive urges, or to stop controlling others.  Our brain naturally reacts differently because we have re-wired it to work the way it was designed to work. 




***Upon purchase of this PACKET BUNDLE, you will be sent the 3 PACKETS for all 3 STAGES, as well as a link to the 58 classes so you can begin the Intensive Program***

COMPLETE ENGLISH PACKET BUNDLE Intensive Rehabilitation and Resilience Program

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