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Programa Virtual

We offer LIVE Virtual classes.  These classes are highly interactive, just like our In-Person classes.


This program is designed to allow anyone to participate in our classes, regardless of location. 

It also allows those to participate who normally could not because of an inability to find

child care during class time, work schedule, or other obligations.  

Our Virtual Program also allows an additional level of Confidentiality and privacy. 


In an effort to make this Program available to evreyone, regardless of income,
the price is only $3 USD per class, per person/couple.

You can either pay per class or per month.

Classes are held every TUESDAY at 8:00 PM México GMT 
To join the Progam, or for more information,



We hope to see you there! 

Nuestro Programa Presencial y el Programa Virtual tienen 3 Etapas y incluyen 49 Clases

 Clases en Etapa 1  

 Clases en Etapa 2  

 Clases en Etapa 3  

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