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We Offer FREE LIVE CLASSES transmitted
YouTube each week

Schedule of LIVE Free Classes:

Tuesdays 8 pm GMT
Saturdays 11 am GMT

Simply search "Helaman Center" on YouTube y select "LIVE"
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and Relational Trauma

Toxic Relationships

Discipline Problems

Controlling Behaviors


Our Classes are specifically designed to teach you how to recognize and heal the following in yourself and those you love:



Whether you feel your family/marriage/life is completely broken and you need a lot of help to heal extensive trauma, o you simply need a little guidance in strengthening something already healthy, our classes teach you how to develop Vulnerability and heal the real reason of why we hurt, manipulate, and betray those we love. You will create a LASTING CHANGE to HEAL your marriage, your family, and your life.

Our Classes cover 4 areas of Healing and Growth: 

Helaman Center Clases en VIVO

Our In-Person Program and Virtual Program have 3 Stages and include 58 Classes

 Classes in Stage 1  

 Classes in Stage 2  

 Classes in Stage 3